Built on data analysis Serve for web3 identity
What's Inferer ?
Inferer is a user data protocol service in web3. We're providing identity analysis service, project evaluation service and finally serve the connection service between user identity and project ranking, which we believe we would be the next generation of airdrop.
Why we build Inferer?
So many bots we've seen on chain and they're huring user experience in many ways. The cost for building bots is too low to further generate more bots. It also increase the secrity risks in many products. We hope Inferer could increase the cost of bot activity and raise the bar when they try to hurt others, which facilitates current crypto users and would be more attractive to new crypto users.
Built on Data Analysis
Blockchain is unique with its immutable data on chain and all data is public to everyone, which we believe the solution for bots also points to data. We could learn from data on chain and evaluate bots based on the behaviors in data.
Inferer Identity
Focus on instant-check search scenarios, and provide a quick scan on address.
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Inferer Ranking
Focus on project & token holder analysis, and provide a user oriented ranking.
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Inferer API
Focus on pre-security check scenarios, and get integrated in dApps
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Inferer is born in web3 and values community. Community would play a big role in inferer evaluation and management. We hope inferer community could help contribute to great user ecosystem on chain.
Made by Inferer Labs
Thanks to Platon